Fun-4-Friday: 3/30/2018

Hello everyone and welcome to another edition of Fun-4-Friday! I'm your host Kristen Eck. Today is Good Friday and also the beginning of Passover with Easter coming-up on Sunday. Enjoy whatever you are celebrating or if you are doing neither, it's still National Crayon Day on Saturday and we just had Piano Day on Thursday.

With that in-mind, my Friday tracks will all focus on the piano. Let me tell you, this was not an easy playlist to pare-down. As a result, I present you with a ten-song playlist. There's plenty to keep you entertained over the holiday weekend.

We open with David Bowie on piano for a television performance of "Oh! You Pretty Things" on the BBC's "Old Grey Whistle Test" in 1972. Next up is Regina Spektor with a lovely tune off her 2009 "Far" album... Check out the official music video for "Eet."

As I worked thru my ideas and considered great pianists in rock-music, I found it was beyond difficult to keep things confined to the label of "Alternative Rock." So I stopped trying. After all, what this is all about here on my website is good music, not slapping labels on things.

With that said, we jump back to 1976 for a beautiful LIVE vocal & piano performance by

Freddie Mercury at Hyde Park in London as he gives the audience a preview of a new track on Queen's "Day At The Race's" album: It's called "You Take My Breath Away."

It's not everyday you find a rock band with no guitar that is primarily focused on the piano, but my next two artists know something about that. Have a look at a reunited Ben Folds Five performing "Do It Anyway" LIVE in-studio in 2012. Then try to find a band that rocks harder with just a piano & drums than The Dresden Dolls... Good luck with that, but I want to take things in another direction and share a quiet moment from Amanda Palmer with you. Check out this emotional performance of "The Bed Song" from her 2012, album "Theater Is Evil" that she did for Oregon Public Broadcasting. It makes me cry.

We do have a couple birthdays from this week on the playlist, the first of which is

Electric Light Orchestra's Richard Tandy. He turned 70 this past Monday and I have a live acoustic performance of "Evil Woman," with Richard on piano and Jeff Lynne on guitar for you to enjoy.

Next up is one of my favorite artists: Tori Amos with a LIVE performance off her 1994 album, "Under The Pink." Check-out a 1997 version of "Cornflake Girl" with just piano and acoustic guitar.

I mentioned we had two birthdays involved in this week's festivities. Here is the other one:

Sir Elton John. He celebrated his 71st birthday this week and there is just no way you can present a playlist about rock & roll and the piano without him! Let's go back to 1971 for a LIVE BBC television performance of the title track from his LP, "Madman Across The Water."

This epic 11-minute rendition swerves-off into a number of blistering piano solos that really hammer-home just how talented Sir Elton is.

Well... We really can't give you Elton John without also acknowledging another piano giant in rock music, Billy Joel. Let's grab a lesser-played track off his 1976 "Turnstiles" LP, with a LIVE version of "Miami 2017 (Seen The Lights Go Out On Broadway.)"

We finish things up with one of my all-time favorite artists and someone who is no stranger to the piano: Kate Bush. From her 1989 album, "The Sensual World," check out the video for "This Woman's Work." This is another one that makes me cry.

This week's selections are available on this handy Spotify playlist, as well, although not all of the songs are the same versions I originally selected for the YouTube version.

That's this week's Fun-4-Friday. If you're enjoying all of this, tell your friends about it and add to your list of favorite websites. Thanks so much for stopping-by! Happy listening!

- Kristen

Kristen Eck in Fun-4-Friday 03/30/2018

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