Fun-4-Friday: 3/16/2018

Hello there and welcome to Fun-4-Friday! This isn't just any old Friday... It's the Friday before

St. Patrick's Day... St. Patrick's Eve if you will. So we need Irish music and lots of it! My choices, obviously will be from within and near the realm of alternative rock, but I'm going beyond the usual four songs on the Friday playlist. Let's get crazy shall we?

We'll start with the ever lovable Shane MacGowan and The Pogues. You can't have a rock & roll

St. Patty's Day without them, but who else do I have?

It was on this day (March 16th,) 40-years ago in 1978 that four young lads from Dublin, who couldn't really play their instruments that well, but had a ton of spirit, won a talent contest in Limerick, Ireland. Their prize was some cash and a chance to record a demo for CBS Records. That band was U2. Two years later they'd sign with Island Records and release their debut LP, "Boy." Let's watch the band's first ever music video for a track off that record, "I Will Follow."

I Have two classic songs from Limerick band The Cranberries, which I think is fitting in-light of the untimely death of lead singer Dolores O'Riordan back in January. The surviving members have announced they will go ahead with the planned release of a 25th-Anniversary edition of their 1993 debut album, "Everybody Else Is Doing It, So Why Can't We?" Additionally, they will release a brand NEW Cranberries album, featuring vocals that Dolores had already finished recording. Look for that LP sometime next year!

We check-into Derry, Northern Ireland for a visit with The Undertones. This punk rock/new wave band celebrates the 40th-Anniversary of their debut single, "Teenage Kicks" later this year.

BBC-Radio legend, John Peel listed this as his favorite song ever until the day he died in 2004.

Speaking of Derry, I have another artist who started out there before moving to Boston:

Christian McNeill. He'll be playing an Irish Breakfast at The Black Rose in Boston on Saturday morning. Check out the video for his 2015 song, "Power Lines." It was recorded live in-studio in Somerville.

This is the Boston-area that I live in, so we can't have St Patrick's Day without

The Dropkick Murphys. They're playing four nights in a row thru Sunday at House of Blues next to Fenway Park on Lansdowne Street in Boston. Let's have two songs from them and while we're talking Irish-American acts, let's hit up Los Angeles for a couple tunes: One from Flogging Molly and their 2005 album, "Float" and a classic from House of Pain that will make you want to... You know... Jump Around!

We wrap-up the festivities with Kildare, Ireland singer/songwriter Damien Rice and a beautiful tune off his 2002 "O" album. It's called "Volcano" and also features Lisa Hannigan on vocals.

There you have it! The crazy epic 12-song Fun-4-Friday St. Patrick's Day Edition playlist. I've included a Spotify version, which includes a different Christian McNeill tune. Give it a spin, raise a glass, and have an awesome weekend. See you again soon!

- Kristen

Kristen Eck, host of Fun-4-Friday

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