Fun-4-Friday: 3/2/2018

Hi Ho and welcome to Friday!

Today marks a moment for rock & roll and how it's portrayed in film with the 1984 premier of the movie, "This Is Spinal Tap." Directed by Rob Reiner (Michael "Meathead" Stivic on 70's TV comedy, "All In The Family" and director of 'The Princess Bride," "Stand By Me," and "The Sure Thing,") the comedy-flick is a fake documentary following fictional British heavy metal band, Spinal Tap as they tour the United States in-support of their new album, "Smell The Glove." We learn from lead-guitarist, Nigel Tufnel (portrayed by Christopher Guest of SNL & The Princess Bride) about his superior guitar amp that goes to "11" as well as a horribly offensive name he's given to a beautiful new piano-bit he's written.

The band loses drummers to gardening accidents and spontaneous combustion and eventually must face their own decline as they're booked as the opening-act for a puppet show. While the film sputtered in the theatres, it became a cult-classic on video and eventually won high praise from both critics and real life rock stars, who confirmed many of the film's hilarious situations had happened to them as well.

Birthdays for this week:

Of these four BIG birthdays in music, only one of them is still with us now...

Johnny Cash, 2/26/1932; Lou Reed, 3/2/1942; George Harrison, 2/25/1943; Robyn Hitchcock, 3/3/1953

Here are this week's video selections from the vaults:

Siouxsie & The Banshees - The Passenger

Released on March 2nd, 1987,"Through The Looking Glass," the eighth studio album from London's Siousxie & the Banshees is a record full of cover versions of other artists. My featured track is their take on this Iggy Pop classic. Iggy was said to have liked the cover, saying the added horn-section was good and that Siouxsie had added a note to the vocal he wished he had thought of. Those really are some the best covers... The songs you take and make your own. I was stopped in my tracks recently when out doing some clothes-shopping at Nordstrom Rack and the Iggy Pop original came blasting across the store's music system.

I'm not that old yet am I?!

Beck - Loser

March 1st, 1994 saw the major-label debut Beck Hansen, more simply known as just Beck, with his album "Mellow Gold." The record went platinum, rising as high as #13 on the U.S. album charts. While the lead-single "Loser" is his most heavily played-track and the one that brought him to the world's attention, it was only the beginning of a long productive career in music. It's also a great opportunity to mention what your personal favorite Beck song is. For me it's "Lonesome Tears" off his 2002 LP, "Sea Change." His 2017 release, "Colors" was my favorite album of the year!

Indigo Girls - Closer To Fine

Folk rock duo, Indigo Girls released their self-titled second LP (major label debut) on February 28th, 1989. The record went platinum and won a Grammy. Indigo Girls, themselves, were nominated for a Grammy for Best New Artist, but lost to Milli Vanilli.

Lou Reed - Perfect Day

Let's finish-up Friday's videos with a LIVE performance from birthday boy, Lou Reed. He would have been 76 today. Instead of going with the obvious "Walk On The Wild Side" or Velvet Underground staple "Rock & Roll" I'm going to opt for another favorite track of mine off his 1972 "Transformer" album: "Perfect Day."

Wishing you a perfect day and a wonderful weekend! May it be jam-packed with great music!

- Kristen

Fun-4-Friday with Kristen Eck 3/2/2018

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