February's Plays & Making Chipmunk Music

Greetings and welcome to the month of March! Don't forget to check-out the entire

February playlist for Knock Knock: New Music! now available on Spotify. We listened to a bunch of great new artists together last month!

I had quite a bit of music & entertainment history info for this week, so I figured I'd get a head-start on it today. Not to worry, though... Fun-4-Friday music videos are still on the schedule for tomorrow!

The CD player made its debut in the United States 35-years ago on March 2nd, 1983. The players had been out in Japan a year earlier, with ABBA's "The Visitors" being the first manufactured popular-music CD. I bought my first home-player (a Technics model) in 1987 after the prices had come down a bit. My first CD purchase was Pink Floyd's 1968 release,

"Saucerful Of Secrets," which I was overjoyed to find on the new format! What was your first CD? Share in the comments section below!

Sales of 45-RPM records overtook 78-RPM's on 2/26/1955. While I never bought a '78 of my own, we had 78-speed on the family record player growing-up. That led to hours of great fun turning my Mom's Gordon Lightfoot, Anne Murray, and Barry Manilow 33-RPM albums into Alvin & The Chipmunks records. "The Wreck Of The Edmund Fitzgerald" isn't quite so depressing when The Chipmunks sing it!

As for my first 45's, Joe Jackson, Kate Bush, and Pet Shop Boys were some of my better selections. I had other not-so-brilliant choices including Rick Springfield and Don Johnson. How 'bout you? What was your first 45-record purchase? Have any that really make you wince now? Tell me about it below.

The first commercial FM radio station went on their in Nashville, Tennessee on March 1st, 1941. W47NV (later renamed WSM-FM) lasted 10-years before finally succumbing to the fact that very few people had upgraded their AM radio sets to FM. FM's day in the sun was still a ways off.

Enjoy your Thursday... I'll see you tomorrow for Fun-4-Friday!

- Kristen

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