Knock Knock: New Music! 2/19/2018

Hi there and welcome to a new week! Lots of stuff going-on in music history this week. It started on Sunday Feb. 18th with the 20th-Anniversary of an epic-battle between Robert Smith from The Cure and Barbra Streisand. There's loads else to remember this week, but let's first get to the NEW music! Click on the VIDEO above to start this week's YouTube playlist.

London band, Django Django is first-up today with a new single and video off their third studio album, "Marble Skies" (available now.) Originally a psychedelic/prog-rock outfit, these guys are venturing down other musical roads, including pop. Check-out the music video to the song, "Surface To Air," featuring Rebecca Taylor (AKA Self Esteem) from English duo, Slow Club on vocals.

Also, this week I'd like to turn your attention to Boy Azooga. It's the creation of

Cardiff, Wales boy Davey Newington. A drummer since age-six, Newington comes from a musical family and has a history in orchestra & jazz, as well as his time spent drumming with local rock bands in Cardiff. He plays everything on his forthcoming album except for strings, which his Dad (a violinist for the BBC National Orchestra of Wales) handles. Have a listen to the funk-infused first single off the new record, entitled, "Face Behind Her Cigarette." Watch my playlist to find-out who heavily inspired it.

If you like what's happening here, please tell your friends about my website and YouTube channel and check-in often! I'll have more about some really cool things that happened in music-history later this week!

- Kristen Eck

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