Knock Knock: New Music! 2/5/2018

Hello there and welcome to another edition of Knock Knock: New Music! Hopefully, you have the day off and are not too hungover or stuffed following last night's Superbowl. Now that football is in the rearview mirror until next September, I'm ready to focus on the Celtics & Bruins. The Red Sox are also not far-off... I just noticed in checking this year's schedule that Spring Training games for the Sox begin in February and the regular season opens early at the end of March. You have to like that! But enough about sports... Let's talk about music!

January was a short month for this feature, as I didn't get underway until the 15th, but I still managed to squeeze-in three episodes and six artists! CLICK HERE to watch the previous episodes or listen to all six of January's selections on this

handy Spotify Playlist!

My first artist this week is Sunflower Bean. They're a Brooklyn-based trio with a knack for combining Psychedelic Rock with Indie Pop. Click PLAY above to find out about some of their influences, a Boston area show this Spring, and to watch the video for the lead single off their forthcoming album!

We're heading way down South to Australia for this week's second artist:

Taj Ralph. Find out how this 18-year-old street performer from Sydney found his way onto the radio and watch the video for one of his very impressive singles, featuring his own brand of Australian Hip Hop and R&B. I'll be first in line to buy a ticket the moment he's booked for a show here in America!

Thank you, as always for taking a moment to visit! I love music more than just about anything and I'm ecstatic to be able to share some of the great tunes I find with you. Please tell your friends about this & subscribe to my YouTube channel if you're ready for more. See you next week!

- Kristen

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