Knock Knock: New Music! Week-3

Hello and welcome to Week-3 of Knock Knock: New Music! I'm so happy you've stopped by for a visit. Just to get you up to speed, this is a weekly YouTube playlist. Every Monday I'll pop-in with a couple new music videos to tell you about... Just keep watching after I'm done blabbing-away to check-out the songs. No time right now? No problem! Just click "save" on the playlist in YouTube and come back & watch when you have a minute. Of course, if you like the tunes, you're all set to add them to your personal playlist on whatever streaming service you're into or even buy the artist's album (something I'm still very partial to.)

This week's selections come from two very different times. My first artist, Simple Minds have been making music since the 1970's. Did you know their name was inspired by a David Bowie song? Click play (above) to find out which one, as well as news about a new album about to drop!

My second artist this week is English garage-punk-rock trio,

Gaffa Tape Sandy. Their debut EP last Spring caught the attention of the BBC and landed them in the Glastonbury Music Festival. Have a look at their performance and hear their new single, "Beehive" now available on the Antigen label. It's fun... It's frenetic... It's pretty damn catchy! I think you'll agree.

That's Week-3 of Knock Knock: New Music! If you're enjoying this feature, subscribe to my YouTube channel and tell your friends about it. Thank you so much for spending some time here with me! See you next week!

- Kristen Eck

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